Getting your research implemented – a portfolio approach

photo-8So how might you get people to adopt your research?  You might run seminars and conferences, perhaps develop educational materials, training courses, maybe even workbooks and manuals.  Perhaps you might consult based on your work and would like to see that codified and scaled up with a bigger team?  Maybe a new venture?  All these and more were described when Peter Templeton of Education and Consultancy Services Ltd (ECS) presented to the first workshop of 2013 and the sixth in the series within the Engineering Department’s theme on ‘Inspiring Research through Industrial Collaboration‘, funded via the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF).

ECS has, for over a decade, provided professional events management; design, publicity, enrolment, and management.  They help researchers to design professional-looking brochures, guides and books and provide publication services.  They support researchers to codify their materials and teach a wide range of open and company-specific educational programmes.  ECS has a network of associates experienced in consulting to governments, large and small companies.  Researchers can guide teams of associates in the delivery of bigger assignments, and gather pragmatic ideas for future research directions, without getting distracted from their core research activities.  Many have worked through ECS to get their ideas and insights embedded and in practice across a range of industry sectors.  ECS has long provided mentoring and strategy to start-ups and recently, through ideaSpace fold these and accommodation services into a superb environment for early stage ventures.

Web picture for Meeting note 300113ECS is now broadening its remit across the whole Engineering Department and Peter described some of the ways in which ECS may be able to help through the entire research cycle, all the way from pre-proposal through the research to final dissemination.  But ECS is always on the lookout for new and better ways to help – so if you have any ideas Peter Templeton would like to hear from you.

If you would like to be on the mailing list for future workshops in this series please contact Charles Boulton ( Further information on the Engineering Department’s theme on ‘Inspiring research through industrial collaboration’ can be found at or by following


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