Enterprisers – developing entrepreneurial effectiveness, competence and skills

Might you be interested in developing your skills and capacity for entrepreneurial behaviour?  Not necessarily launching a business – but learning to recognise opportunities and respond creatively, making best use of teamwork with others to build financially robust initiatives and then pitch them in ways that are compelling.

Orsolya Ihasz presented the Enterprisers programme (www.cfel.jbs.cam.ac.uk/programmes/enterprisers/) to an audience of PhDs and early stage researchers as part of the CUED “Inspiring research through Industrial Collaboration” Theme.

The programme is designed to help inspire and develop entrepreneurial behaviour – whether you work within an organisation or perhaps wish build a new venture, and is strongly experiential.  Its main purpose is to develop entrepreneurial awareness and to nurture entrepreneurial skills and confidence.Value

The skills it nurtures (Engagement, influence and impact; knowledge and intellectual ability; personal effectiveness) map across as the ‘enterprise equivalent’ of the Researcher Development Framework to be found at Vitae (www.vitae.ac.uk/CMS/files/upload/Vitae-Researcher-Development-Framework.pdf).

For those who do wish to build a business, the Enterprisers programme is just part of a portfolio of programmes that include ETECH (www.cfel.jbs.cam.ac.uk/programmes/etech ) and Ignite (www.cfel.jbs.cam.ac.uk/programmes/ignite/) that provide support along the journey.


Because the Enterprisers programme is embedded within the Cambridge ecosystem, itself a hotbed of entrepreneurial behaviour and opportunities, participation opens up lots of chances to meet with like-minded people, with successful entrepreneurs and with funders and helpers.

The annual 4-day residential programme involves 48 participants, 12 facilitators and 2 lead facilitators and has over 150 alumni.  Applications for the (oversubscribed) May running of the programme close on April 22.

If you would like to be on the mailing list for future talks in this series please contact Charles Boulton (cb683@cam.ac.uk).


Author: innovationcoaching

I consult and coach in innovation and its management, based in the UK but working nearly anywhere. This blog is just a few musings, observations and evolving thinking. I look forward to your comments

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