Successful first running of Social Media Workshop

On 3rd June, Rob Halden-Pratt ran a hands-on workshop for fifteen participants on how to use social media to increase the impact of their research; building community and interest.  Soc Med v0.2 (as presented 130603)He also showed how to use the tools to gather information and insight and how to find and use management tools to be more efficient with social media.  Lots of tips and suggestions to make better use of this new approach.  A very interactive session and some good ideas have emerged for follow-up sessions to take some of the topics further and to help people to set up their sites and tools.


The session is being run again on Wednesday, 26th June, from lunch at 12:00 through to about 17:00.

Open to all in the University, so if you’re interested just contact Charles Boulton ( to register.  Places are limited because it’s a hands-on session, so move fast.


Author: innovationcoaching

I consult and coach in innovation and its management, based in the UK but working nearly anywhere. This blog is just a few musings, observations and evolving thinking. I look forward to your comments

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