Building skills in Engagement

The University’s Personal and Professional Development team provide a number of useful courses to help you engage with people outside the university, be they research funders and collaborators or members of the wider public.  These courses are a good way to develop your skills in communicating your work to people who might care (and might have money).

This Public Engagement training is available for all researchers across disciplines, including both research staff and PhD students:

The next of these is Engagement – planning your strategy,  a half-day session on the afternoon of  November 6th.   (

“Planning your strategy” will highlight some easy ways to make research-led public engagement more effective through planning. Delegates will consider various audience groups to design targeted activities; prepare to collect evidence of impact and plan ideas for future activity. The session will review several examples of evaluation practice, including comment cards, observation and online surveys to illustrate how an evaluation framework at the planning stage can potentially reduce overall effort and increase the quality of outcomes.

Other courses that look very useful are:

Your Research Message:  22 Jan:

Your Research Video:  5th and 19th Mar:

Commissioning Audio-visual and Design Work:
13 Nov:
25 Mar:

Your Research Podcast: 29 Jan, 5 Feb:

Certainly worth a look


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