The 2015-16 Seminar Series

The Collaboration and Innovation Skills Initiative is launching its 2015-16 programme of seminars with a series that helps early-career researchers to engage with industry with well-targeted and clearly formulated propositions for research partnerships and funding.


A core series of four seminars begins in October and runs into early 2016, as follows:

  • Engaging with Industry – what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to. This will be run in conjunction with the Computer Lab and will be delivered on 16th October by Professor Pieter Knook, ex-Vodafone and Microsoft now an angel and venture partner.
  • “Selling for Researchers”. This is a participative day-long course for limited numbers and will help you develop your ideas and skills in pitching them to the right people in industry. Marcel Dissell will present this highly-acclaimed course on 30th November
  • Elevator Pitch rehearsals. Building on the lessons from the first two events, participants get an opportunity to test and refine their proposition by working with industrialists typical of the University’s research partners. This will run in early 2016.
  • Writing a successful grant application. Based on the preparation of the first three events, this will help you to assemble it all into a winning grant bid. This will run in the first quarter of 2016.


We will also run another stream to help people with the pragmatic tasks of engaging with industry:

  • How to set up, structure and run an industry-facing event. The massively experienced team from ECS will teach the tools, tips and tricks for an effective event
  • Information management with industry: The Library/Information Services group will open up the questions around accessing and using data with and for industry, especially issues around open access. This event will be held in March of 2016.


There are, of course, many other candidate topics we could cover, for example:

  • How to get funding from the Research Councils and Industry
  • Translational Funding Bridging the gap between research grants and commercial finance
  • What’s the commercial potential of your research? How best to use i-Teams, CUTEC and the JBS students
  • Working with your sponsor
  • Using roadmapping tools to value technology and to build collaborative buy-in
  • IP options and the Lambert


If you’re interested in any of these then please get in touch – and if you have other suggestions then please let us know. Contact Jo Griffiths (


Author: innovationcoaching

I consult and coach in innovation and its management, based in the UK but working nearly anywhere. This blog is just a few musings, observations and evolving thinking. I look forward to your comments

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